Forum For Development Association (FFDA) is a non-profit, Non-Governmental organization established in 2001 with the aim to reduce poverty by brining positive sustainable changes in lives and livelihoods of disadvantaged poor people by group ofdedicated social activists. Under the leadership of Murad Nabi, who has a long experience in the field of developmental activities, especially in the field of social development with a view to uplifting the social, economical, cultural status of the poor and vulnerable people, emphasizing the women, youth and children. The task was done through capacity building, institution building, awareness raising, vocational training by non-formal education, income generation activities by micro-credit activities, Health, Nutrition, water-sanitation, Environment, also under taking felt need based and problem solving programs by adapting modern appropriate technologies. FFDA believes on non-directive, bottom up, integrated and participatory development framework and acts as a catalyst with its concerned people. FFDA’s key areas are institution building, income and employment generation, health, human resource development, education and promotion of culture for the disadvantaged segment of the society especially for women, youth, children and person with disability.

FFDA in partnership with local and international Organizations are working for the development of the poor vulnerable sectionin the society. So far it has covered 40 Unions of 08 Upazilas under 02 Chittagong Hill Tracts, Dhaka, Munshigonj, Narsingdi,
and Bandarbanr and has been intensively working for the promotion of the poor and vulnerable people. FFDA engages in long-term development work, responds to emergency situations and seeks to address root causes of poverty through
advocacy in public health, education and livelihood’s security program Financial Management: FFDA has an established Finance Section and sound and transparent financial management system to manage the finances all of its projects. The organization has an efficient Finance and Accounts personnel accomplish the

functions related to Accounts such as maintaining books and documents and managing the finances of the organization effectively and efficiently. The finance section generates monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual financial reports and submits to the counterparts. The FFDA has an active procurement committee and involved in procuring the quality materials and equipments. Certain reliable personnel are authorized to operate the bank accounts, which is endorsed by the EC committee of FFDA to avoid any misappropriation of finances.

FFDA’s Vision:
FFDA envisions a society in which the poor, disadvantaged, deprived people are developed, self-reliant and empowered.

FFDA’s Mission statement:
The mission of FFDA is to support the poor & vulnerable people with special priority to poor women, youth, children, disability,
aborigines and ethnic minority of Hilly remote areas and coastal belt.

Goal of the Organization:
To improve the livelihood status of the poor and ultra poor men, women and children through undertaking various need based
sustainable development programs to rights of the people are established in the society.

Objectives of FFDA:

* To increase the household income of the rural and urban poor and ultra poor through capacity building, ensuring their involvement in Income Generating Activities and creating employment opportunities.
* To protect the rights and social justice for poor men, women, children as well as for the disables living in urban slum and rural areas and reduce all forms of violence against women.
* To empower the poor, ultra poor and disabled socially & economically through ensure justice, increasing dignity and establishing good governance.
* To establish strong working relationship with the government authorities and help & support their initiatives and efforts as a development partner
* To ensure the involvement and participation of the disadvantaged, vulnerable people including women, youth and children in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the development activities and programs.
* To contribute to the educational status targeted people living in targeted areas through adult and child literacy program.
* To take advocacy initiatives in favor of the poor to change policy and practice
* To raise awareness among the targeted people on all development issues and establish linkages with the services providers.
* To increase the health status through undertaking health related program initiatives such as MCH, FP, Water & Sanitation including Hygiene promotion and HIV/AIDS.
* To increase the agricultural production in rural areas through using modern technology and sustainable land use.
* To provide assistance vulnerable and affected people through disaster preparedness, management, relief and rehabilitation.
* To extend support to the support to the climate vulnerable people and help them to be climate resilient.
* To protect the environmental degradation

The Major program components of FFDA:
Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)
Women allowance program for Pregnant women
Technical and vocational Skill Training for Youth
Pre-Primary Education
Free student coaching for the class of 1 to 5
Youth Development Program
Health, Family Planning and HIV/AIDS
Water and Sanitation
Gender and Development
Rights and Social Justice
Rights of persons with disability and Development program.

In addition to these major programs, FFDA has been implementing some support programs:
Day Observation
Policy Advocacy & Networking
Co-ordination with the NGOs and Civil Society
Organisational Development
Monitoring & Evaluation