FFDA has been observing most of the national and international days with its own financial resources have no funding from donor agencies. The main purpose of the of Day Observation is to increase the mass awareness and understanding on different rights based and development issues and help the people understand of the significance of the days.  FFDA also use it as part of advocacy strategies to sensitize the government officials and other key stakeholders.  

During the year, FFDA observes all the national and international Days as a part of awareness raising and advocacy considering the benefit of the poor and hard core poor people of the working areas. It has been realized that that Day Observation can play very important and significant role for advocacy and mass awareness raising among all level people.  Through day observation FFDA make all out effort helped people understand about the importance and significance of celebration of different days and assist the people to know how the day observation play positive role in lobbying and pressurizing the government and policy makers. On the different national and international days, FFDA ensured the participation of all level stakeholders like beneficiaries, civil society members, staff of the organization, community leaders, government people, local and community leaders, local government officials including the representatives from local administration and media representatives. The activities performed by FFDA during observation of the days are rallies, discussion session and cultural programs such as folk song, popular theatre and drama.

In order to observe the days effectively and in befitting manner FFDA makes all out effort to ensure participation of all level people and prepares banners, Festoons and stickers for helping the people understand about the significance of the days.

FFDA and its participants observed the days during the year 2018-2019 are the following:

It was really very encouraging and matter of satisfaction for FFDA that in observation most of the days FFDA got spontaneous response and cooperation from all level of people and the participants contributed significantly to make the day observation successful and effective.

The impact of day observation:

  • People understanding on the significance of the days improved
  • Participant’s awareness on different development issues increased.
  • The day observation played very significant role as advocacy and sensitized the mass people towards the poor people and developments issues.
  • The community and people’s participation on the day observation increased its effectiveness.
  • Poor people came to understand that the day observation is very important to get their rights, justice and dignity.