It has already been mentioned that FFDA is a rights based organization and committed to establish rights of the poor people with special emphasis to the women and adolescent. FFDA has also been implementing the Rights and Social Justice program with the own financial resources. The main focus of the program is to protect the  rights and social justice of the poor and hard-core poor men, women and children irrespective of caste, creed, religion, culture and ethnicity through awareness raising and taking appropriate protection measures. 

In the working area of the organization especially in the slum and peri urban areas the violation of rights of men, women and children is very common phenomenon and scenario. Again,  the minority, women and children are the main victim of violence, violation or rights and injustice. The minority people are generally become more victim of torture, violence, rape and repression. Again, among the general people poor women, adolescent and children are become the victim of violence more frequently. In the working area there are at least 50% household’s, where women are discriminated, tortured, undermined, humiliated, discrimination and repressed by the male members or by the father and mother in laws as well as by the society. There are evidences that the human rights including women and child rights continue to be infringed in the working areas of FFDA. Again, they have no dignity, power and respect in the family as well as in the society. FFDA has been working to protect the rights and ensuring the social justice for the participants it has been working with.


Dowry, Polygamy, Divorce is the key problem of the area. To protect the rights of the poor participants of the working area FFDA integrated the rights issue in all of its project and raising awareness among the community people on a continuous basis. It has been perceived that to create awareness it is required some sorts of help from the community and government. So, FFDA involved the civil society members, community leaders, religious leaders and local government in the awareness process. Due to their active involvement it has become possible to settle a lot of problems within the community and verdict ensured in favor poor people through there was pressure of well off and influential people.

In order the protect the rights and justice of the poor and hard core people of the working area FFDA implemented a lot of activities such as group meeting, door to door visit, courtyard session, regularly sharing with the rights based issues, community campaign, mediation (shalish), monitoring the violence, providing legal support, regular advocacy, regular counseling, meeting with local government representatives, ensuring their participation in mediation, ensuring verdict considering the rule of law, day observation through ensuring participation all level people including government representatives.


  • Due to awareness activities the awareness among men, women, adolescent and children improved.
  • They are maintaining regular connection with FFDA office and regularly sharing with problems they are encountering in family and society
  • Deprivation and Discrimination among men and women reduced.
  • 25 women received legal support and justice due to project intervention.
  • In the family and society the violence against women and adolescent, torture, repression, undermining, indignity reduced.
  • The community leader, local Elite, religious leaders and government representatives are become responsive, supportive and sensitized