As a part of commitment to the development, FFDA also has been implementing the “Adolescent Development Program” with its own financial resources. The key purpose of the program is to raise awareness among the adolescent girl on different important development issues related to their lives such as human rights, child rights, dowry, polygamy, early marriage, birth registration, eve teasing, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, gender discrimination, violence against women, gender based discrimination, violation of rights, ways to protect the rights, torture, repression and causes of deprivation in the family as well as in the society.  


The organization has been implementing the program for the adolescent girls living in slum area of Keranigonj Upazial under Dhaka District. The program implementation strategies the organization employed are: courtyard session, group meeting, counseling, individual discussion, meeting with parents and guardians, day observation and campaign. FFDA has assigned a staff to conduct the activities of the program on regular basis. In order to make the program more effective, the staff prepares a session plan at the beginning of the year considering the adolescent issues and remains strict to the plan during the whole year. In each week at least one issue discussed by the staff and made them clear on the issue.

It is worth to add here that all the planned issues discussed during the whole year. As result of activity implementation the selected adolescent become aware on the above mentioned issues. The adolescent were suggested to share the issues of learning among the family members and they performed the responsibilities effectively. As a result, the parents and other family members has also become aware on the issues. The adolescents are now confidently enough about the lives and protect themselves.

During the adolescent selection, the assigned staff and management of the organization share issues with the parents and guardians and made them agreed to send adolescent to participate in sharing session once in a week. The parents and guardians provided all sorts of cooperation for effectively running the session. Apart from the selected adolescent, in the working there a lot of adolescent and they are willing to participate in the sharing session. So, the organization has plan to expand program through forming more group  in the area.

Performance of the year:

  • Number of adolescent group formed: 03
  • Number of adolescent received education: 75