FFDA has been implementing Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion project with own financial resources since inception of the organization. The key objective to attain the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) with a view to contribute to ensure the sanitation for all through providing sanitation related services to the people living in the working area of the organization. The organization is now planning to provide some special loan support to the participants so that they can install sanitary latrine. The key target of the program is to contribute to PRSP and Millennium Development Goal through increasing the water and sanitation as well as hygiene related service for the poor people and household as well.   

It has already been mentioned that since inception in 2006 the organization has been implementing the water, sanitation and hygiene promotion project as a regular program considering the needs and demands of the community and slum dwellers. Due to long involvement in water, sanitation and hygiene promotion component the staff as well as the organization attained considerable expertise and competencies in implementing this program. During this period of time, FFDA has been perceived that in Water, Sanitation  and Hygiene Promotion program only ensuring the latrine installation will not be able to improve scenario and health hazards. Apart from that it is necessary to increase the community awareness and hygiene practices. So, during the reporting year, the organization prioritized awareness and promotion related activities. To make the program successful it has implemented different types of program such as awareness raising on personal hygiene, child care, prevention of diseases, safe drinking water, water contamination, water born diseases and cleanliness. Further, considering the better and improve hygiene practice the organization provided awareness session and orientation on defecation practice, latrine use, hand washing through soap and ash use after defecation and before food distribution. Along with that it has make the people understand about covering food items and using safe water in all domestic purposes.    

As a result of commitment and positive intention of the organization people in the working areas has been using  latrine, safe water and their hygiene practice improved but still there is need to continue the effort to change the total scenario related water, sanitation and hygiene promotion. We must have to continue the awareness effort related to issue. So, FFDA will continue the services at the community level in a more effective way.


It can be opined that as a result of project activities some positive impacts have been observed which are as follows:

  • The people’s awareness on water use and sanitation increased.
  • The rate of latrine use increased. Hygiene practice of the community people improved than previous.