From the commitment to the development of the poor people, FFDA has been implementing Health, Family Planning and HIV/AIDS Program with the organizational own financial resource. The key objective of the program is to raise awareness among the targeted population on Health, Family Planning and HIV/AIDS/STDs to improve the health status through reducing population growth, increase access to health related services and stop the spread of STDs/HIV/AIDS.


It needs to add here that FFDA has not yet received any for providing the above services to the poor community people. But the community has no access to the above services. Therefore, though the organization has no donor fund, considering the community demand FFDA introduced the program in limited scale. The organization keeps its program limited to awareness raising and minimum health related services. The organization has been implementing the program through recruiting a staff and assigning that staff on providing health related services. The services providing to the community people through this program are:

Services related to health issue: FFDA has been providing various health related services to poor target people with special emphasis to women and children

 such as immunization, counseling to the patients and mother, awareness raising and treatment on common diseases. It has been disseminating the messages related to  awareness are the symptoms of diseases, prevention, service availability, negative effect of early marriage with health hazards, danger sign (mother and infants), malnutrition, food habit and balance diet for the children, child care, diet for the pregnant mothers, weight measuring for the mother and child and providing necessary counseling, exclusive breast feeding, contraception and check eyes, hygiene and referral services. The organization has been providing the awareness services on health issues after group meeting, courtyard session and special group meeting.

In order to ensure the referral services the organization has established strong rapport and relationship with hospitals, clinics and doctors. Having the strong relationship with the organization, the referred patients specially the pregnant mother and children are getting extra care and proper services. The participants are highly satisfied to staff and organization for its support and services.

Services Related to Family Planning: Further, the organization has been providing awareness on Family Planning as regular activities of the organization. The organization has been providing awareness related to Family Planning on importance of small family, care for new born, Early marriage, complexities, methods of family planning including temporary and long term, how to choose the best method for a individual couple, unwanted pregnancy and complications etc. For any long term method the organization ensuring the services through to the nearby hospital and clinics.  Regarding the FFDA services on the issue, the participants are highly pleased as they are getting easy access and extra care.


HIV/AIDS/STDs: The major objective of the HIV/AIDS program is to is to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS/STDs such as how to spread HIV/AIDS, how it not spread, how to treat the patients, whether it is possible to live together with the patients or not, why it is necessary to use the condom and how to use condom. The organization has been raising awareness through courtyard session, group meeting, special campaign, folk song, drama and day observation. The participants are now aware on the issues and able to protect the affection.

It needs to add here that still the organization has been providing above services with it financial resources. To ensure mass awareness, awareness services to all level stakeholders including the people with risk behavior for HIV/AIDS and treatment facilities it needs funding from the donor. Therefore, the organization is trying to raise fund to expand the services in broader form.