The key objective of training program of FFDA is to build capacity among the staff beneficiary and other key stakeholders have potential to contribute to the development.


FFDA treats the training as an integral part of the programs. The organization has established a training unit with potential trainers. The Unit continuously has been developing the training materials and curriculum to conduct training to the beneficiary and other stakeholders.   Established training teams are involved to conduct the training to the beneficiary and other stakeholder to build their capacity to increase the organizational and program performance. The training team would play important role in developing some need based


The Training Team has divided the whole training package into two types:


Human Resource Development: Human Development training is planned for the group members and FFDA staff to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes. The courses for this kind of training would include consciousness-raising on Gender, Rights and advocacy; development education; group and leadership development; STDs and HIV/AIDS; accounts and financial management; record keeping; environment and climate change performance management; monitoring and evaluation; and other development issues.


Occupational Skills Development: Occupational Skills Development training is primarily designed for the group members considering their specialized skills with a view to increase the income and employment opportunity and improve the livelihood status as well as economic security.


It can be mentioned here that FFDA would develop some additional training packages for the Youth.