The key purpose of the planning, monitoring and evaluation is to track the program and ensure quality implementation through developing tools and techniques and regularly review the progress and impact.

Planning Process: 

The planning is the key to achieve program activities within the timeframe. The organization FFDA has been giving high level importance in planning for organization, programs/projects as well as individual work plan. FFDA has already installed a participatory development process in the organization which starts from the field level and end at the organizational level. Considering this reality the organization makes all out effort to ensure the participation of all level stakeholders in whole development process i.e. planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring System:

FFDA has a well established monitoring cell with highly competent and potential staff. The staff of the cell has been working under the direct guidance of the Executive Director of the organization. During program implementation, the organization realized that effective and efficient monitoring system can assist the organization to measure the progress as well as impact as per desire and help to attain the desired level of achievements within the timeframe.  FFDA regularly develop different Monitoring tools and techniques for different project to review the progress and impact of the project. As a result of its effective monitoring process, the performance of the programs increased and it is accepted and appreciated by different stakeholders including board members and other stakeholders.  

The existing monitoring activities are:

  • Preparing individual activity plan based on field based activities.
  • Preparing project and organizational plan considering the timeframe.
  • Developing tools and techniques for reviewing process and impact of the programs
  • Identifying problems and constraints
  • Determining the strategies for intervention
  • Providing recommendations in a timely manner to ensure quality
  • Making adjustment on the basis of the field findings.
  • Conducting process and impact monitoring
  • Bringing adjustment in the program strategies.
  • Establishing reporting system


Having shortage of fund the organized till now did not introduce any evaluation system in the organization. But FFDA has a plan to conduct formal evaluation during its Mid-term and final stages considering the length of project/program. Further, FFDA will introduce the internal evaluation mechanism to oversee the impact of the projects.