In fact, one of the important support program of FFDA is the Coordination with GO, NGO, Civil Society, development activists and other stakeholders. The main purpose of the coordination is to build up rapport, relation, linkages and exchanging views and ideas for increasing the program performance and development impact as well as managing all sorts of support and services for the community people.

We know that at the Upazila level there exist 22 government departments to provide the support and service to the community people living in different part of the Upazila even in remote part. The department’s main role and responsibility is to provide services for all level of the people but in fact they are not proactive and responsive considering the service requirement of the community people. They are generally non-responsive and indifferent about the development of the poor people and have very little engagement with the community. As a result the community people are deprived from the services available in government departments.  Most of the departments have enough potential to contribute to the development.

FFDA has been working with government as a development partners and making all out effort to supplement and complement in their development initiatives. So, FFDA participated in all sharing session and meeting organized by the government and continuously exchanging views and ideas with the development actor and government as well. Further, to increase the program impact FFDA always ensured the government participation in its program activities to ensure the services for the community. FFDA has established and strong rapport and relation with the government officials and has been assisting the people in establishing linkages with government representative as most of the department has assigned responsibility to serve the people including poor and hard core poor people.

Again, the NGO representatives, development activists and Civil Society members can play significant role for the community people. As a result, FFDA has been maintaining close relation and coordination with the civil society representatives to make them committed and responsive towards the development of the community people.  During the year, several meetings and sharing session have been conducted with the civil society members, community leaders; Local Government officials, Imam and Local Elites. Again, FFDA participated in most of the meeting and sharing session arranged by the government officials and contributed significantly in making the meeting and session successful and seeks support for poor and hard core poor people.  However, it can be opined that the organization all necessary support and cooperation from the NGO representatives and civil society.